Hello everyone and welcome to the Big Boys Toys Shop. Due to the overwhelming response to these figures and in order to serve you better, please follow these guidelines. If these guidelines are not followed, I can not guarantee you a response to your E-MAIL. Some may sound silly and like comon sence, but whats common sence to you and I is brain surgery to others.

(1 Please tell me everything I need to know about each figure you inquire about. (maker, federation, loose or MOC, series, ect...)

(2 Please list which figure you are inquiring about in full with every follow up mailing. Even if we have discussed the figure before and you have another question about the same figure, you still need to list who we are talking about. I am working with up to 50 different people at a time and it is not possible for me to remember each and everything we have ever discussed just by seeing your E-mail address. (nothing personal)

(3 Please state your name in each letter so I know who I'm dealing with.

(4 After arrangements are made, an order must be confirmed. To confirm an order, you must be ready to send payment in the next days mail.

(5 Only after an item is confirmed will the item be held for you. Items go to the first person to confirm them.

(6 Do not send any payment until you hear back from me that I got your confirmation and am holding your items.

(7 This may sound silly, but please have your parents permision and/or the money to buy the items your asking about. Please do not waste my or your time asking to buy things that your parents won't let you, or you can't afford. Please wait untill you can afford the item before requesting it, I have some items that have been on hold for months, then the person either changes there mind or their parents won't let them buy stuff over the net, or whatever. This "rule" is also for you, a lot of people like you have wanted to but items that were on hold, but the item never ended up being sold.

(8 If a trade is arranged through this page, you are still the buyer, you just happen to be paying with figures instead of money. The buyer always sends first, and when I receive your payment, then I send your figures.

(9 If you pay with a money order, your item will be sent as soon as I can get to the post office (usually a day or two). If you pay by check, the check must clear before anything is sent. Sorry, but no COD's.

(10 Please include a piece of paper stating your your name, your E-mail address, and what the payment is for, or which items, and most important, your address( or the address you want it delivered to). To eliminate mistakes, I will be useing the address paper that you wrote your address on to address the package because if the mail man can't read your writeing, neither can I.

(11 This is the most important one of all. I will help any of you with anything I can. I have helped tons of people ID old figures, find hard figures, figure out a price to pay or sell an item for, ect... but please have the courage to respond and let me know about your order. If you asked to buy a item and then realized you couldn't aford it, or found it at a garage sale for .50 cents, Or just plain changed your mind, BIG DEAL, hey, stuff happens. BUT, please have the courage to tell me so I can move on. Treat me with respect and I will do the same to you. I've heard all the stories about people that went out of town and couldn't respond for 6 months or whatever story it is, and its all bull, take responsibilty for your actions, were all human and make mistakes daily, own up to them and we'll have no problems, but don't email me with a order knowing your goung to leave the country tommarrow ECT...

Okay, many thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines,
My appreciation in advance for your kind co-operation

Well, all thats left to do is place the order/enquiry.

shipping "not" included