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Were glad you could join us, Were going to take you through the action here tonite, Aint that right extreme bubba?,

Sure thing Brian, Wrestling action figures are the name of the game here, Theres a double fugure gallery main event not to be missed, Theres the newest custom figures on the net right here,, Plus i beleive your the proud owener of a MASSIVE figure collection brian, how many are there now?.

Well Bubba, At last count i got 600, And all my figures are here for peapole to see, Like bubba was saying, the figure gallery`s are not to be missed!, But the action dont stop there, We got a wrestling forum...some wrestling trivia/games thats sure to test the wrestling brainiacs out there...Also have a go at making your own custom jakks untertaker coat as featured in our custom gallery...A trading tips section to help everyone get the best out of internet figure trading...The collector checklist archive section for your wrestling figures...And i beleive your taking care of the figure and event news over there in the uk right Bubba?

Sure Brian, I`m taking care of things here in the uk, i`m keeping my eye on those stores for wrestling figs and reporting on all the events, plus what we get on tv.

Nicley done bubba, I think the bell is about to ring at the action figure ringside, So lets start the show.