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Brian`s trading References.

Heres a list of Brian's references. ALL of these guys were great when I dealt with them, feel free to check out any one on the list and ask if I'm a good guy to deal with. I will stand by these people as witness that they were good people to deal with, However I am not responsible for their actions.
THE GOOD GUYS (** Means many dealings. These are the guys who really know me.)
Mark Evans **
Darren Klarich **
Andrew Phung
Eli Karam
Colin Hamilton
Micheal Heddle
Chris Morris
Michael J. Shipley
Steve Davidson **
Bill Steggs
Jim Denaxas **
Jason Showve
Jesse Davis
Dave Stinson **
Daniel Murphy
Jay Scarrozzo
Wilson Pasucal
Cody Bradle
Chris Kittinger
Rob Ellis
John Dudeck
Randy Connors
Anthony Tonin
Wade Collins
Brian Davis
T.J. Black
Matt Dudeck
Chris Maurio AKA NinjaJapan@aol.com
Kirk Sheppard
Aaron Skinner
Dave Hester **
Justin Volker
Jared Virro
Travis Walters
Tony Acosta
Ryan Tamburini
Dinah Zabarah
R.J. Rasich

Did I miss your name, if we've dealt sucessfully and you'ld like your name added to the list or if you want your name removed, please mail me and I'll get it done.
Still not enuff references, check my ebay file for over 100 more positive dealings.
THE JERKS AND JACK ASS'S This page was started recently, but your name could appear here if your a bad trader or just plain like to screw people with promises of payments on the way that never arrive, the famious drop off the earth in the middle of a deal, or any other screw around activity that wastes good peoples time and efforts. This does not mean that I hate these people (thou I might), its just the truth of what happened. You decide for your self if you wanna deal with them.


JOHN BROWN blackadderaccglob@accglobal.net This is a sad one because this guy used to be a good trader. Quick and simple he send me some stuff that was trashed, paint loss, missing fingers, ect.. the stuff was susposed to be in good condition in his words before he sent it. He later admited it was trashed and said his neighbor mailed it or some bull. He claimed to be sending some more stuff to make up for it, but its been like 5 months and I'm tired of having to ask where my stuff is only to get excuses. After 5 months, times up jerky.

Jon Phipps jphipps@mediaone.net This jerk just screwed me around for months. He sets price, I agree, he says he'll send, months later he says he had a better offer, I forgive him for leaving me hanging. he claims his better offer didn't work out and now he wants to sell to me again. Not its beet 2 months again since he last said he'd send and I'm still waiting. What a huge waste of time.

CHRIS katemail@pathcom.com Yet another guy who used to be on the good traders list. His last words 2 months ago were "sorry for the delays, I'll send money this time for sure, no Bull $h!T this time". Aparently he found some more BS some where because I've been holding a figure for him for 6 months now. Its been 2 months since I last heard from him. I give up. WHY WHY WHY???? I guess these guys get tired of wacking off think, "hey, I think I'll waste some one elses time with crap I have no intention of selling". I can't think of any other reason they do it.

Jason McGrew rmcgrew555@worldnet.att.net This looser begs me to help him find a Razor Ramon, I find him one cheaper than he wanted to pay, and he screws me. Now I'm stuck trying to find annother buyer and I wasted a ton of time trying to help him. He doesn't even have the courtsey to return my messages except once he wanted my help again. DUH! Do ya think I helped him the second time.

Hobbicat1@aol.com Ebay jerk off. There address should be Hobbicock because there real jerks. Claimed to be sending refund, but now they ignore me. When I threatened neg feedback, they said they'd do revenge feedback even though they admit I did nothing wrong. pretty cute.

Evan Dooley gillburg__@hotmail.com Promised to send money. I contacted him after about 3 weeks and he said he bought them from a friend. Well, heres his re-payment for reserving items and then leaving me hanging untill I contacted him. Had I not contacted him I'm sure I'd still be waiting. Guys like this screw me by leaving me hanging and screw you by reserving items that so you can't have them.

Matt Samartino MattSx99@aol.com Plain and Simple. I sent money for a wrestling tape, its been over a month now and his e-mail address is dead. Can any one guess what happened. It was only $10 for crying out loud. I don't really even care as much about the money as I do the waiting and now being back to square one.

PETER WALLACE dwallace@fcbl.net I'll let my final letter to him do the talking. This kid is the perfect example of why kids (and some adults) don't belong on the net.
PETER. I just wanted to let you know what a rotten little piece of trash you are. You contact me about the wrestling buddys that you saw in my picture. It clearly says there not for sale but you are so ignorant you ask anyway. So I agree to sell since you asked, I was trying to do you a favor. Then after you agree to buy them you ask the condition even though you already saw the picture of them and the condition was obvious. Then you leave me hanging for over a month now and will not respond even though all I asked was for you to let me know and not to leave me hanging. I don't care either way about the sale, what I care about is the total lack of respect and total waste of time. All I wanted was a answer. Its to bad you weren't man enuff to give me one. GO TO HELL

This may sound a little harsh, but I'm tired of people treating other people like there disposable. I'm not the time lady, you don't just hang up on real people when you've gotten what you want. I may make a few enemies, but mabey these guys won't screw with you for fear of having there name on a page like this one. Any one who wishes to express their opinion about the guys above I'm willing to listen. Weither you agree with this page or if you think its wrong, please feel free to contact me about it. Thanks, Brian