This page is where I'll tell you what I've seen, learned, or thought about new and old figures. These are only MY THOUGHTS.

Heres a few of my thoughts about the current figures being produced.
Jakks has done with wrestyling figures what few thought possible.
They have taken the wrestling figures to a new level and already have the largest wrestling line ever produced.
heres a few things I'd change if possible.
First, make figures to scale. For example, why is Taka M. bigger than Cane in the slammers 2 line. There intire line has flaws like this (eg. marlena taller than kurgon in 2 tuff, Bret hart is the same size as Diesel all the way back to series 1).
Second, Abandon the idea of 7 in figures. They don't sell nearly as well plus there to expencive. Legends is a great idea, but make them the same size (scale) as normal jakks. Ripped and ruthless are good also, but make them bigger for the extra money they cost. If were paying double, we should get double. If regilar jakks are 6 inch, they should be 12 inch. Next, stop with the mini rings, keep making mini figures, but don't make us buy another ring to get them.
And finally, SLOW DOWN. New figures are great, but there is such a thing as over kill, I am a extremely die hard collector, and I always bought 2 of everything, one to display to keep MOC, and one to display that I let my kids play with, but even I am faced with the choice of not getting everything, or going broke. Not to mention I have to admit that its not as exciting getting 3 new series every month as it was when there was only one new series every 2 months.

Its to bad the waited so long to start releasing decent figures. What the hell was was up with the ones that vibrated. RIP to this line.

To help you figure out whats been happening in the stores lateley, Heres a quick refference list of current releases.
You may want to print out and keep?

7-98 KB special edition #2 SCSA, sable, goldust, faroqq, savio, hhh,
7-98 Micro bendums kane, kuregon, SCSA, hhh, HBK, shamrock, taker,goldust.
8-98 Wrestle mania singles austin, HBK, thrasher, mosh, rocky,hhh.
BJ wholesale WM 3 packs, HHH/hbk/thrasher, SCSA/mosh/taker.
TRU WM 4 pack SCSA, hbk, hhh, taker.
8-98 GD match SCSA/hbk
8-98 series 8 bendys kane, taka, chyna, jj
8-98 R N R #2 kane, hbk, hhh, sable
8-8-98 slammers #2 taka, hbk, pillman, dude, patriot, kane
8-10-98 stomp #2 SCSA, mosh, thrasher, rocky, chyna, owen.
Electric bash-n-brawlers hogan & savage.
WWF buddies SCSA, dude, taker, hbk.
8-23-98 austin & undertaker monster trucks
SE yoko #2
9-98 wcw 4.5 inch figures in variety of packages (singles, 2 packs, 4 packs, ring sets) hogan, hall, nash, macho, scott s, rick s., flair, luger, sting, giant.
9-98 GD match cain/taker
9-98 non electric bash-n-brawlers hogan, macho.
9-10-98 KB tripple threat foley 3 pack & kmart attitude 3 pack w/ lod 2000, HBK, SCSA
9-14-98 k-mart sting w/coat & w/ring
9-15-98 k-mart live wire series, chyna, SCSA, vader, shamrock, mankind,taker.
9-19-98 wcw #2 hart, hall, henning, hogan, luger, macho
9-20-98 WWF katate fighters taker/scsa & WCW sting & page
9-24-98 owen/hhh gd match and kids world title belt
9-28-98 hills scsa nd taker 3 packs
10-??-98 series 9 bendys cactus, x-pac, brian christopher, sable
10-2-98 ringside #2 honkey, ref, vince, slaughter, corenette, ross
10-4-98 series 6 blackman, owen, hhh, henry, jj, mero. WCW raven
varation w/symbol on shirt.
10-5-98 signature series #2, kane, taker, hbk, dude, road dog, billy gunn
2 tuff 2 kurgon/jackal, lawler/brian C, d lo/kama, nao
canada walmart badd blood w/bearer, taker, kane, scsa and legands of past and present w/andre, taker, SCSA.
10-11-98 severn/shamroch gd match. IC belt for kids
10-16-98 fantasy warfare austin/andre and mankind/taker.
10-21-98 usa target bad blood, same as canada walmart
10-27-98 sams club go mental pack w/dude,scsa, taker, hhh and shotgun pack w/kane, scsa, hbk, rocky
11-5-98 DX meijer pack, nao, chyna, hhh
11-7-98 TRU off the mat belt pack rocky, scsa, nao
11-8-98 12 inch WCW hogan and macho
11-15-98 stomp #3 taker, kane, hawk, animal, mero, sable
11-19-98 bo 98 2 packs nao, doa, lod, headbangers
11-19-98bo 98 series 1, chyna, vader, austin, bradshaw, brian christopher, hbk,
11-20-98 walmart dont trust anybody series, 8 ball. chainz, hhh, hbk, kane, dude, vader, farooqq
11-22-98 bo 98 #2 henry, taker, severn, dude, scsa, jj, hhh, shamrock
11-22-98 wcw thunder champs belt pack goldberg, giant, hall, hart
11-23-98 kb no holds barred 3 pack, austin, cactus, kane & grappler gear
11-30-98 12 inch goldberg, red sting, white sting
12-15-98 gd match mero/blackman
12-20-98 bad to the bonz austin 3 pack
12-30-98 shotgun #2 nao, hbk, kane, sable, ????

VARATION ALERT.......Most every one knows that The Jakks Vince McMahon figures have a grey tint on there hair,
but the later released ones have no grey. Heres another one, the SCSA in the Kings Of the Iron Rungs has 2 very
different colors of his beard, the first ones released had brown, but the later ones have orange.

There aren't to many figures that you still love as much the day you got them a year later. But here are some
of my all time favorites in no particular order.
Warlord (LJN)
the entire AWA line.
El Gigante (galoob)
Haku (LJN)
Lex Lugar in robe (galoob)
Papa shango (hasbro)
SCSA in jeans & tee(Jakks)
Razor/Diesel tie (Jakks)
Harley Race (LJN)
14in Undertaker (Playmates)
LOD (Jakks)
Dustin Rhodes (Galoob)
YOKO (Jakks)
The Ref (Jakks)
Honkey Tonk Man (LJN & Hasbro)
Slick (LJN)
Sting Pre ring (galoob)